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Family & Personal Law

Legal advice for a family matter can be life-changing.
We’ll fight to protect your family.

Family law is a delicate area of our practice. The decisions you need to make are important ones and this pressure can make the whole process quite daunting. That’s why having confidence in your legal team makes a huge difference.

What is Family and Personal Law?          

Family and personal law deals with any legal issues affecting you, your family or your relationships.

How we can help your family

One of our main priorities is to work with you to reach an amicable agreement that’s in the best interests of you and your children. We’ll do everything we can so that you don’t have to go to court – an expensive and stressful process.

It’s also important to us that you have a full understanding of your legal rights, entitlements and obligations when it comes to these matters:


  • divorce
  • parenting orders and care arrangements
  • proposed superannuation splits
  • spousal support
  • adoption
  • property settlements and financial agreements – if you were married, must be instigated within 12 months of your divorce, if you were in a de facto relationship – within 2 years from date of separation
  • domestic violence and abuse
  • Dispute resolution
  • Court representation



We can quickly give you clear advice on the likelihood of outcomes for parenting agreements – whether your proposed property settlement is fair for everyone and what you should expect.

We’re big believers of working towards agreement outside of court as quickly as possible to save you money and stress, but we do have the ability to represent you if the matter is contested in court.

Every family is different, and we’ll work hard to make sure you and your children’s wellbeing is looked after from a legal point of view.

If you need family law advice, talk to one of our family solicitors in Vincentia (02) 4441 5916.