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Meet the Team – Dean Streater

January 27, 2017

Meet the Team – Dean Streater


Dean lives in Vincentia with his partner Amanda and their four children. He became a lawyer via his own path. Starting out in the women’s fashion industry, he built a successful career consulting in hospitality, advertising, sales, construction, property development, and small business ownership. As a property developer he became a Director and General Manager of Property for two public, unlisted, property developers in Brisbane, and a private developer in Sydney.
Everything changed when his daughter fell ill with type one diabetes at the age of two. He’d always wanted to be a lawyer, and studying law at the University of Wollongong gave him the flexibility he needed to care for his family. He could also see a call for a solicitor who was personable and approachable.
Dean’s compassion for helping people in complex situations is what drives him as a lawyer and makes his customers keep coming back to him. Being self-employed for 15 years means he is particularly a-tuned to the needs of business owners. He’s able to share his development experience with legal clients and assist with facilitating Joint Venture relationships, Mezzanine Finance, Seed Capital via prospectus/offer memorandum, and project specific trust structures. His experience across a range of areas is key to his success.